Covert Search and Surveillance

EyeOn's Under Door Camera attaches to the the EyePole with a simple quick disconnect, making the camera heads interchangeable. The Under Door Camera (UDC) can be used to survey rooms without the camera being visible to room occupants. Clear covert views can be obtained in rooms with limited ambient light. The UDC can also be used with a light source that is not visible to the human eye. An ultra-sensitive microphone is also available providing audio that can be monitored or recorded from the audio-out port on the handle of the EyePole.


Quickly look into rooms with minimal physical site preparation or disturbance. The UDC is a practical and robust tool for use by professionals in a demanding environment.



The UDC utilizes advanced, high performance technology that is not found in any other under the door device. In the UDC a tiny Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera has been built into the leading edge of the camera tongue. This image sensor provides high resolution black and white images which are transmitted to a monitor outside of the room being investigated.


Configuration Options

Base Configuration: High quality B&W image, even in very low light.

Audio-out Option: Amplified audio is ported out the handle to headphones with volume control.

IR Illumination Option: 940nm IR LED's offer a clear image in complete darkness.

Dual Camera Option: Back of door view supplied by a second camera aimed at a 90 degree angle.



  Image Sensor 1/4" B&W Super-HAD CCD
  Resolution 400 TV Lines
  Pixel Count 250,000 pixels
  Sensitivity 0.005 Lux
  Video Signal RS-170
  Direction of View 15° Forward
  Field of View 70° Fore-Oblique
  Depth of View 250mm (9.8 in) to infinity
  Insertion Tongue Length: 135mm (5.3 in)Issaquah, WA 98027 Height: 6mm (0.23 in)
Width: 35mm (1.38 in)
  Hub Length: 95mm (3.74in)
Height: 40mm (1.57 in)
Width: 73mm (2.87 in)
  Power 12V DC Supplied by the EyePole's Internal NiMH Battery


Under Door Camera


Under Door Camera








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