The EyePole is a single-stage telescoping pole camera and is the only pole cam that is fully load-bearing. Unlike other tactical cameras and pole cameras, the EyePole has no external wires. Camera Displays in High Definition Color and automatically switches to IR for night vision up to 40 feet. The camera head is also interchangeable with the Under Door Camera Head (UDC). The UDC is available with amplified audio, IR and dual (back of door) camera head views.


An aluminum “probe” is installed at the camera head to facilitate the lifting of heavy attic accesses without affecting the camera head angle (90 deg.)


A 7" High Definition LCD monitor is attached to the EyePole via a tilt/ swivel heavy duty threaded connection.


Controls are located at the handle, and include the charging port, power switch, audio and video out and brightness control.


No assembly required: Remove it from the case and hit the power button.


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Telescoping Pole Camera

  Specifications: Options:
  Color Camera Head with Auto-switching IR Illumination
Under Door Camera
  Extendable load-bearing Pole (51-77") External Backup Battery
  7" High Definition LCD Attached to the Pole Sunshield
  Internal NiMH Battery - 1600MAh Rifle Sling
  Intelligent Battery Charger  
  All Connectors are High-end LEMO™  
  Hard Rifle Case  










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