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EyePole Tactical Surveillance For Optimum Safety And Security

Where there is a hint of crime, EyePole tactical surveillance is the first to witness the site and seal the evidence with the help of advanced tools and integrated computer systems. The EyepPole equipment is designed with latest technology and has an ability to penetrate through the darkest and remotest areas to help the law enforcement officials... Read More

Prime Benefits Of An Eyepole Tactical Surveillance Camera

Installing an Eyepole tactical surveillance pole camera at your office or personal establishment reaffirms safety even in the tiniest, darkest, most dangerous and remote corners of your operating environment. Here is a list of advantages offered by this telescopic surveillance tool at any place... Read More

Look for These Configuration Options When Buying A UDC

The surveillance of dark, unlit rooms can become easy with the use of a light scale wireless system that is specifically designed to provide the operators with the possibility to explore activity beyond closed doors. Such scenarios require a pole cam along with an additional investigation support system... Read More

Improve Railroad Security with Tactical Pole Cameras

Safety and security have become a major concern these days due to a steep rise in unscrupulous incidents in almost all quarters. Railroad is also the victim of mischievous, illegal, and criminal activities. In order to prevent those felonious acts from happening... Read More

How A Telescopic Pole Camera Serves As Tactical Equipment For SWAT?

An incident, involving an evil or disturbed perpetrator, who locks himself or herself in a building and intents on killing people looking to negotiate or get him out, is often a very tricky situation for law enforcement officers or SWAT. The subject inside has a tactical advantage... Read More








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